Welcome to Rodenburg; producer of premium bioplastic compound systems

Please find in this website further information of the Rodenburg product portfolio range and systems to complete your needs whether bioplastic compounding or converting!

Rodenburg Solanyl® is a compound that can be directly used by converters and is a renewable substitute for various petroleum-based plastic applications. Optimum FlourPlast® is an unique pre-compound system constructed to offer compounders the flexibility to make their own bioplastic compound formulations in a flexible and convenient way through a modular building block system. The Optimum Optinyl® masterbatches are specially designed to fit bioplastics production processes. All products are primarily made from natural resources like e.g. reclaimed potato, grain, root or seed based flours and are biodegradable.

Market applications: Ground works, Packaging, Plastic bags, Horticulture, Promotion, Sports, Game & Leisure.

Rodenburg Biopolymers’ unique selling points:

  • Specialist in (reactive) extrusion conversion of plant based raw materials into biodegradable plastic compounds.
  • Dedicated product portfolio to properties, processes and applications
  • In house R&D, product development & technical sales support.
  • Engineering of custom made biodegradable compounds.

Rodenburg Solanyl® compounds can be converted using conventional plastics processing machines and methods such as injection moulding, sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, thermoforming and extrusion film blowing products and processes. Optimum FlourPlast® pre-compounds can be compounded on conventional extruder machine equipment.